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Products info

About pins

Pins Grades: What does ‘Standard, B or C Grade’ mean?

Each one of my pins are graded from A to C. I usually don't use the "B-grade" notation and only divide my pins into Standard and C-grade!

  • Standard Grade Pins are the best of the batch! Doesn't mean they are 100% perfect though, they might have minor flaws (ie. small scratchs, little specks of dust, little dents, slightly underfilled enamel, slightly wobbly pin).
  • C Grade Pins will show slightly more visible flaws such as bad plating, more visible scratches or dents, air bubbles, enamel going over the plating, etc. Still totally wearable!

Please keep in mind that pins are hand made and then graded one by one by myself and I am doing my best to make it as fair as possible!

What's the difference between soft and hard enamel pins?

"The short answer is hard enamel is polished flat and soft enamel has recessed enamel."
Find more about it here.

What about preorders?

Please read my preorder info section to get more info about how preorders work.

Note that if you purchase one (or more) in stock pin with one (or more) preorder pin within the same order, you'll have to wait for the preorder pins to be produced before I can send all your items to you.

Preorders are non-refundable.

Items in general

Sold out item and restocks

I don’t always restock my sold out designs. But if you missed on one, feel free to let me know: if there's enough interest I might restock it :) Please, check my Instagram regularly to get updates on current and upcoming pins!

Can I get a refund on my order?

Please read my Terms and Conditions page for more info about refunds.

The wrong item has been shipped to me, can I get it exchanged?

Exchanges are possible only if you receive the wrong item from me. If so, please contact me at: petitpuffinstudio@gmail.com

Shipping info

Do you ship your products worldwide?

I ship my products to every country in the world!

Domestic shipping fee (France) (pas de suivi !): from €3.50

International shipping fee (no tracking!): from €4.20

Shipping fee will increase a bit with the weight of your package. Free tracked shipping on all orders > 150 euros!

I want my product(s) to be shipped with tracking

ENG: You can choose this option at checkout for an additionnal fee (around 5-6 euros, depends on the weight of your package. Same fee for all countries in the world).

FR: L'option d'envoi en paquet recommandé (avec signature) est disponible en caisse.

If you don't choose the tracking addon and your order gets lost, I won't be sending a new package to you! A replacement in case of lost order will be sent if and only if you chose the tracking addon and the tracking number indicates that the package has never been delivered. In any other conditions, I cannot send a replacement. If the tracking indicates that the package has been delivered, there's unfortunately nothing I can do and you'll need to contact your local post office. Thanks a lot for your understanding :)

Be aware that the tracking number might not work anymore once the package leaves my country. It depends on where you live. Non-exhaustive list of where the tracking number will work: USA, Australia, EU countries, Canada... Please email me if you have any doubts :)

What kind of packaging do you use?

All the products are either wrapped in small organza bags or in kraft bags. They are then packed in a bubble mailer: please tear off the paper part of the bubble mailer to recycle it, and reuse the bubbles if you can, or reuse the whole mailer! Thanks a lot!

How long is it going to take for my package to come to me?

I am shipping my products from France using the national mail service (La Poste). It would usually take 3-4 weeks to get to you, but it may take longer sometimes.

If you bought at least one preorder item, your order will take several months to get to you! Please read my preorders info section.

Can I combine two orders?

Yes, please make sure you write in the notes at checkout that you want me to hold your order or combine it with another order! If you forgot to write a note, please email me asap :)

Preorders info

This section explains all the things you need to know before ordering one of my preorder products!

What is a "preorder"?

If a product is available for preorder, it means it is not in production yet and it won't be shipped to you right after you buy it.

You'll have to wait a little bit.

Please note that preorders are non-refundable.

How long will it take for my product(s) to get to me?

Short answer: about 3 months, maybe a little bit less, maybe more depending on the design.

Please note that I'll always do my best to work along with my manufacturers and make the process as smooth as possible. However, most of my products (enamel pins, acrylic products, jewelry) are made by chinese manufacturers at the moment. China is experiencing major power outages and governmental restrictions at the moment, so there may be delays in the production process. These delays are out of my control! Thanks a lot for your understanding 🙏

If you want some details, the process is the following:

  • First step: preorder time!
  • Second step: I'll send the products into production. Production can take several weeks to several months.
  • Third step: Once production is finished, I need to grade every item and prepare all of the packages and gifts for you.
  • Fourth step: I send out your products as soon as I am done grading them and getting your package ready!

So overall the process can take from several weeks up to a few months, it depends. Again, although my manufacturers and I try our best, their might be some delays that are out of my control.

Please note that if not enough people preorder a product, I won't be able to put it into production and I'll refund you. It's the only scenario where I'll offer a refund for a preorder product!

I bought a preorder product but don't want it anymore.

Unfortunately I don't do refund upon customers request.

But don't worry, even if it takes time you'll get your products OR you'll get a refund as soon as possible if I am unable to put it into production. ☺

About Group Orders (GOs)

If you're a GOM (global order manager), feel free to contact me at petitpuffinstudio@gmail.com.
Dear customers, please note that I am NOT responsible if you choose to join a Global Order/Group Order! Once I've done my part and sent my package to the GOM (Group Order Manager) and after they confirm the delivery, I am not responsible for what happens next, please figure out the issue with them if there's one.
Thank you for your understanding.


If you have any questions about your order or you made a mistake in your address/want to change it: petitpuffinstudio@gmail.com (I'll be able to update your address only if you package hasn't been shipped out yet)

Or you can use the 'Contact' form.

Refunds and replacements

Please read my Terms and conditions page for more info about refunds and replacements.

By purchasing from Petit Puffin Studio you are automatically agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as laid out on this page.